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Ozone Technology OÜ soovib kõigile hea uue aasta algust! See aasa on meil prioriteedis ka erakliendid kelle jaoks on meil olemas uued osonaatorid. Iga kliendi jaoks me proovime leida parima individuaalse lahenduse. Selleks on meil loodud uus osakond kes tegeleb eraklientidega ja annab vajalikud konsultatsioonid nii kohapeal kui ka telefoni teel. Kui teil on probleem hallitusega või lihtsalt tahate osta õhu või vee puhastajat siis helistage meile +372 58080018 või kirjutage ja meie insenerid annavad teile konsultatsiooni, leiavad vajalikud lahndused  ja vajadusel me toome osonaatorid otse koju teile sobival ajal!

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How clean do you think your home is? Did you know the average home desktop environment can harbor more germs than your office counterpart? Actually, your home desktop area can harbor more than 4 times more germs .Remember, just because it looks clean doesn't mean it is clean, looks can be deceiving.  Everyone knows about the germs that can be found in the bathroom.  Actually, why does that bathroom get such a bad rap?  You can probably find more germs or viruses in the kitchen.  The kitchen can cause germs or viruses to spread like wildfire.  Did you know one single bacteria cell can become more than 8 million cells in less than a 24 hour period?

On that subject, how often do you sterilize your kitchen sponge or throw it out?  The same sponge you use to wash your dishes, or clean around the kitchen can be the main source of you giving bacteria a "free ride" to other locations.  How about the handles around the house?  The light switches?  Don't be caught off guard next flu and cold season.  Most importantly don't give bacteria or viruses a chance.  Let us disinfect your house and take care of the dirty work.

Start to think about you health right now! Find what you breathe and how many bacteria in you home. Why you should breathe it? Have some different smell which disturbs you? We will help you!

Ozone kills bacteria, mold and bad smell.  It influence to human health. Helps protects immune system, good for skin care, blood and allergic people. It helps to bee fresh and gives additional power due to O3 that it produces.

We make Ozone Treatment for:

Any type of room
(Kills smell, smell from pets,  bacteria, mold and gives freshness, good for allergic people)

Cloak rooms
(Kills mold and bad smell, gives freshness for clothes)


(Protects food from bacteria, gives possibility to keep food longer in fridge, makes food more healthy, removes smell)

Sauna, showers, toilets
(Kills mold and bad smell)

(Kills bacteria, gives right color for water, disinfection effectiveness against bacteria and viruses compared to chlorination, ozone has an odor similar to smell of the air after a major thunderstorm, cleans water, and makes it healthier for people)

Old furniture

Remove smell after flooding, fire etc.

Remove smell make room new and nice like nobody used it before.

Contact us to describe you problem.




The average desktop can contain 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Many people tend to forget to sanitize the desktops where most the work takes place. Around 80 percent of the infections you get, are going to come from the environment your at the most. Ozone treatment is a real issue! Just because something looks clean doesn't mean it is clean! Having a dirty workplace can also be costing your business more money than you think. The average flue lasts 5-6 days.
Don't just move bacteria around with an agent you think is doing the job with that rag your only giving germs a "free ride" to the next location. It's not clean unless we clean it, we try to make every workplace as sterile as possible!

But think about winter time when a lot of workers get sick, but before they recognize it, they will spread bacteria all around and it is not possible to stop, because nobody can see it.

Just order service from us and enjoy you workplace.


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