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Uus aasta- uued soodustustused ja uued osonaatorid!
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Ozone Technology OÜ soovib kõigile hea uue aasta algust! See aasa on meil prioriteedis ka erakliendid kelle jaoks on meil olemas uued osonaatorid. Iga kliendi jaoks me proovime leida parima individuaalse lahenduse. Selleks on meil loodud uus osakond kes tegeleb eraklientidega ja annab vajalikud konsultatsioonid nii kohapeal kui ka telefoni teel. Kui teil on probleem hallitusega või lihtsalt tahate osta õhu või vee puhastajat siis helistage meile +372 58080018 või kirjutage ja meie insenerid annavad teile konsultatsiooni, leiavad vajalikud lahndused  ja vajadusel me toome osonaatorid otse koju teile sobival ajal!

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Too much party and a lot of customers? Stale beer, alcohol and smoking smells? Eliminate odors easily with an ozone treatment. Ozone kills smell from smoking rooms, bars, kitchen smell, smell from food etc. It totally removes bad smell that is not possible to eliminate by cleaning and gives freshness.
Ozone has an odor similar to smell of the air after a major thunderstorm. Make you restaurant fresh and nice inside.
Restaurant & Catering Facilities
With a restaurant in the property, it is common for large
amounts of energy to be produced and not be taken
care of, and generally cooking and other odours spread
to nearby ventilation shafts, stairwells and other areas.
It is not unusual for this to lead to complaints from
neighbours and drawn out arguments. One can simply
install an ozone cleanser directly to the kitchen’s ventilation
system in order to avoid this problem, as it greatly
reduces the cooking odours and eliminates grease
accumulation before it has a chance to spread to the
general ventilation system.
There are many advantages to using
ozone treatment in restaurant kitchens
and ventilation ducts, which can result
in savings of thousands of euros.
Properly installed equipment requires
almost no maintenance as these ozone
generators are extremely reliable and
thus eliminate the need for on-site
Our unique ACT and ICT series ozone
generators quickly break down grease
and so effectively eliminates grease
accumulation in the ventilation ducts.
In addition to reducing the risk of fire,
the ventilation system benefits from
maximum air flow capacity, meaning it
can operate flat out.
Yet another result of grease free
ducts is that modern heat recycling
technology can be used and there is
less need for expensive sweeping.
Ozone cleansing is a very economical,
environmentally friendly and operationally
secure solution for the removal of
unwanted odours and microorganisms
such as bacteria, viruses, mould and
so on. The result is a clean and odour
free environment without any chemical

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