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Uus aasta- uued soodustustused ja uued osonaatorid!
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Ozone Technology OÜ soovib kõigile hea uue aasta algust! See aasa on meil prioriteedis ka erakliendid kelle jaoks on meil olemas uued osonaatorid. Iga kliendi jaoks me proovime leida parima individuaalse lahenduse. Selleks on meil loodud uus osakond kes tegeleb eraklientidega ja annab vajalikud konsultatsioonid nii kohapeal kui ka telefoni teel. Kui teil on probleem hallitusega või lihtsalt tahate osta õhu või vee puhastajat siis helistage meile +372 58080018 või kirjutage ja meie insenerid annavad teile konsultatsiooni, leiavad vajalikud lahndused  ja vajadusel me toome osonaatorid otse koju teile sobival ajal!

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Meil on loodud uued mini, standart ja super täispakettid, mis sisaldavad meie teenust ning meie poolt valitud soovituslikud osonaatorid Teie elamute jaoks. Paketti hinnad sõltuvad Teie elamu pindadest. Pange tähele, et prioriteetne on elamu pindala, mitte tubade arv.

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Ozone Technology OÜ service price list


Price From EEK (EUR)


1 Home (disinfection, odor and mold removing)

1.1 Living areas

6.- (0,38)m2

The bigger room, the lower price

1.2 WC, shower

10.- (0,64)m2

May be included into apartment price

1.3 Attic

8.-  (0,51)m2


1.4 Flood or fire damage smell removing

20.- (1,28) m2

Depends on condition

2 Restaurant (bad smell, odor removing, disinfection and deodorizing)

2.1 Kitchen

8.- (0,51)m2


2.2 Rooms

7.- (0,45) m2

The bigger room, the lower price

2.3 Cloakroom

15.- (0,96)m2


2.4 WC, shower

15.- (0,96)m2


3 Hotel (removing bad smell, disinfection, deodorizing, mold etc.)

3.1 Rooms

4.- (0,26)m2

The bigger room, the lower price

3.2 Halls

7.- (0,45)m2


3.3 Restaurants

10.- (0,64)m2


3.4 Laundry

10.- (0,64)m2


3.5 WC, Shower, Sauna, SPA

15.- (0,96)m2

Possibility to install water pool cleaning system

4 Office (removing bacteria and viruses, removing cigarette and food smell, deodorizing)

4.1 Office rooms

8.- (0,51)m2

The bigger room, the lower price

4.2 WC

10.- (0,64)m2


4.3 Smoking rooms

20.- (1,28)m2


5 Vehicle (good before selling a vehicle or after buying used one as well as for own car)

5.1 Car

250.- (16)

Removing mold, smell, bacteria and viruses

5.2 Bus

350.- (22,4)


5.3 Train

350.- (22,4)

Per carriage

5.4 Boat

350.- (22,4)


6 Laundries

6.1 Washing/drying rooms

10.- (0,64) m2

Refreshes clothes, kills mold, odor, etc

7 Spa/Sauna/Sport center (remove bad smell, bacteria, mold from cloakrooms, clean water, WC, etc)

7.1 Sauna

10.- (0,64)m2


7.2 Cloakroom

8.- (0,51)m2

Kills bad smell, bacteria and helps to clean

7.3 Gym

8.- (0,51)m2


7.4 Showers

10.- (0,64)m2


7.5 Other rooms

5.- (0,32)m2


8 Factory (any types of industrial premises, contact us and describe your problem)

8.1 Factory rooms

4.- (0,26)m2


8.2 Smell after animals

8.- (0,51)m2


9 Malls and shopping centers

9.1 Halls

5.- (0,32)m2


9.2 Restaurants

10.- (0,64)m2


9.3 Kitchen

10.- (0,64)m2


9.4 Laundries

10.- (0,64)m2


9.5 WC

15.- (0,96)m2


9.6 Food shops

8.- (0,51)m2


Minimum order price is 250.- EEK (16 EUR). For orders less than 400 EEK (25,6 EUR)   additional transportation fee 100 EEK (6,4 EUR) is charged. Those conditions doesn't apply to vehicle treatment.

N.B. Prices depend on contract type and period, room condition and size. Always contact us by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call us on +372 58 175 115

All prices quoted on this site are correct at the time of publication. However, our prices are regularly reviewed and are subject to change without notice. For confirmation of our current prices please contact us by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call us on +372 58 08 00 18


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