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O3 for home

Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge (ozone plate) 
Dimensions: 300mmX205mmX55mm 
Case: Plastic


1. Slim design; A4 size body and can be hanged on walls.
2. Remote control (Max. 6m) .
3. Push button on the body for manual operation.
4. Easy to change ozone plate by hands, no tools required
5. Low power consumption (<25W).
6. Suitable for both daily air purifying and unoccupied ozone shock treatment.
7. Pure ozone. No nitrogen oxides detected under lab test.
8. Neutralizes stale and foul odors rapidly.

Mold, mildew, bacteria, and indoor air pollution are all serious environmental health concerns, and everyone knows that foul-smelling odors negatively impact our lives.

This ozone generator comes with two operating modes- Daily Purifying Mode and Unoccupied Ozone Shock Treatment Mode. 

Under Daily Purifying Modes, it automatically maintains a low level of ozone for safe daily air purifying, deodorization and bacteria sterilization, making the air you breathe fresher and purer. There are 6 Daily Purifying Modes with increasing levels of ozone from 1 to 6 to suit various room sizes (see chart below).

You simply set it according to your room size in one of 6 modes and forget about it. Increase the level of ozone by selecting a stronger mode when there is constant source of contamination such as smoking. The unit comes with a Remote Control that let you control the unit conveniently from anywhere in the room.

The Unoccupied Ozone Shock Treatment mode is for removing stubborn odors like smoke, mold and pet odors and for killing serious germs, mold and viruses. There are 3 Unoccupied Ozone Shock Treatment strengths to choose from and the treatment can be easily performed in an occupied room.

This air purifier does not rely on air filters. It uses a near-silent Air Fan to distribute ozone gas through out the area to purify the surrounding air completely and quietly.

Price: 179.- EUR

O3 + ionization for home 

This air purifier, is a kind extension of TOWER, the product is installed within the same tube technology, it releases a large number of positive and negative groups to the air by special high-pressure discharge and thus play a bactericidal purification, removal of formaldehyde, air disinfection, corrosion preservation, the role of odor removal. And add the filters and air quality sensors on basis of tower, it automatically analysis the air quality, and turn on when air quality is changed.


1. Self-detection skill of unique air quality features, more useful and more energy-efficient technology.
2. High-density air filters is effective to capture the larger particles
3. Ionization technique, adsorbing small dust in the air, removing harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and killing the virus.
4. Releasing 5x 106/cm3 anions, keep the air fresh.
5. With the electronic variable transformer, the Rating Voltage can be changed to AC 12V DC, safe and reliable.
6.Classic European design style, very suitable for home display.
7. The unique design of European style and safety standards, safe and easy to use.
8. Low cost on maintenance and use, each ionization tube can be used for more than 9000 hours


Rating Voltage: DC12V / Adapter input
Power consumption: 10 W
Product netto weight: 780 g
Dimension: height : 200mm diameter : 165 mm
Ozone output: 100-200 mg/h (30mins auto stop)
Ion output: 5x106 /cm3

Effective Area: 80-140m2

Price: 149.-  129.- Good offer!

O3 for water: (Model ZO-300N)

Now you can  make ozonated water conveniently at your own home to remove chemical residue found on most meats, fruits and vegetable or to disinfect anything that needs to be 100% bacteria and harmful substance free.  It is wery easy to use, compact and powerful gadget. Use healthy water at home without any filters. Plug it in and use.

Price: 119.- EUR


O3 for fridge:

Why Ozone for fridge?
1. Sterilization: the products can make O3 and O3 can kill 97% of the Escherichia coli, aureate staphylococcus on food, vegetable and fruits and remove the pesticides of remaining vegetable and fruits
2. Removing bad smell: O3 can remove speedily the pressure oxygen bacteria which produce all kinds of bad smells, avoiding smell appearing
3. Preservation: O3 can reduce the process of metabolism by killing the germs on the vegetable and fruits and can delay the refreshing time of food, vegetables and fruits
4. Intelligent control: mini-computer-control, auto-circle-working. After the products work for 20 minutes constantly by battery, it will enter auto-circling-system which can work for one minute per hour
5. Compact size; uses small batteries that only need replacement once two- three month.

Where else it is possible to use this small ozone generator?
Any wardrobes where it is necessary to remove smell or make disinfection,
Office deck to avoid bacteria during winter time, near garbage place at home or WC. This generator is very small and have no cable that makes it easy to find place for it in any place.

Price:   15.- EUR


O3 for home (Model CT-500B) 

Mold, mildew, bacteria, and indoor air pollution are all serious environmental health concerns, and everyone knows that foul-smelling odors negatively impact our lives. The high oxidation potential of ozone is utilized to its greatest advantage with highly efficient  Ozone Air purifier from Ozone Technology OÜ.
This model comes with 10 timer operating modes, which make it ideal for applications requiring different ozone output levels.

Increase the level of ozone by selecting a stronger mode when there is constant source of contamination such as smoking. This air purifier does not rely on air filters. It uses a near-silent Air Fan to distribute ozone gas through out the area to purify the surrounding air completely and quietly.


Voltage:DC12V ( AC to DC power adaptor included )
Power Consumption:< 20W
Size: 150mmX190mmX83mm

7 24-hour cycle modes: 5min; 10min; 30min; 1hr; 2hr; 4hr; 8hr. repeats every 24 hours
3 1-hour cycle modes:
High: 45min ON 15min OFF. repeats every hour
Normal: 30min ON 30min OFF. repeats every hour
Low: 15min ON 45min OFF. repeats every hour

Price: 189.- EUR


O3 for spa and water (Model ZO-200N)

ZO-200N is one of our most basic units used for different applications. It has been used as a functional unit for dish sterilizers and commercial ozone generators for water treatment. We believe that a wider application of this unit could be found by applying it to spas, baths, small pools and anywhere small volume of water sterilizing is necessary. This is a highly integrated corona discharge three in one unit with ozone tube, ozone power and Air Pump in one plastic case.

It is a very compact design but is a very powerful and enduring product.


Ozone output: 100mg/hr ( without connection of air dryer )
Max Ozone output: 200mg/hr ( with connection of air dryer )
Pump Output: 1 - 2 litres per minute
Max. Pump pressure: 3/4psi ( about 0.5 meter deepth of water )
Outlet port dimensions: 6 millimetres
Inlet port dimensions: 6 millimetres
Current:30-35mA (AC220-240V)/60-70mA (AC110-120V)
Power Consumption: 7 Watts
Size: 190mmX100mmX50mm (LWH)
Net Weight: 0.5 kilograms
Power Cable: 1-1.5m in length
Case: Plastic

CE marked

Accessories: 2 sets of hose & diffuser stone

Note: To users in England and the countries where use UK standard power plugs: We do not have UK standards power plugs. Users in these countries will get products with standard EU power plugs.


1. Low power consumption (7W) with high ozone output.
2. Compact design with built in Air Pump, buy and use instantly.
3. Able to connect with Air Dryer through air inlet.
4. Come up with 2 sets of hoses and diffuser stones.
5. Long life performance.

Price: 50.- EUR


O3 for kitchen

Want to make instant Ozonated Water?

Simply hook it up to a faucet to make ozonated water. It features a Bottom Tray for use on the counter top and a Hanging Bracketfor the neat wall hanging.

Ozone treatment is a proven method to purify water and Ozonated Water (water mixed with ozone) is used to treat many diseases and for various cleaning applications.

The Energy Saving Featureallows it to run only when it detects the water flow. When one switches on the faucet, it automatically starts making ozonated water.

The whole unit is Splash-proof and the Stainless Steel case makes cleaning easy. No other maintenance is needed. Simply wipe it clean with a damped cloth.


Max Water Flow Rate: 1 ton/hr
Power Activation System: Power activated by the flowing of water
Power Source: AC110-120V or AC220-240

230 mmX77mmX350mm (Main Unit)
270mmX120mmX22mm (Bottom Tray)
Net Weight: 4 kg
Case: Stainless Steel
Accessories Included: 1 Air Dryer (200 ml)


1. Water flow activation energy saving feature.
3. Efficient venturi ozone injection system.
4. Splash proof safety feature.
5. Low power consumption with high ozone output.
6. Easy to clean stainless steel case.
7. Durable construction.
8. Maintenance free.

Price: 280.- EUR


FreshAir-50 white and black

Product details:

Unlike other air purification cleaners, the “Fresh Air” was designed specifically for use in small spaces. Its unique and valuable features include:

• Compact and portable
• Universal placement of unit
• Chemical free operation
• Easy to use
• Maintenance fee functionality
• Odour free purification action
• Whisper quite operation

White series feature ozone output regulator. You can choose between 5 and 50 mg/h ozone output by turning the regulator on the right side of the device counter or clockwise. 

Black series features automatic and manual mode. On automatic mode device is always "On" and constantly delivers ozone into the room. On the manual or "Off" mode device is stand by and can be turned on for 30 min by pressing big round button on the front. When 30 min is over, device turns off. This cicle can be repeated be pressing this button again.


Fresh Air enhances your living environment. Benefits include:

• Ambient cleaner indoor climate
• No fuss to maintain, plug in and turn on
• Low cost to operate
• Universal applications


Fresh Air is the ideal purification system for small confined spaces.Compact and portable, it is the perfect solution for reducing odors and freshening air in and around:

• Lockers, closets, cabinets, under sinks
• Pet areas, laundry and bathroom areas
• Garbage areas, changing rooms and many more

Price: 39.- EUR


O3 for aquarium 

Aquarium ozone generator comes with built-in redox meter/controller with a digital readout and use adjustable set point to turn the ozone on and off automatically. It is the complete solution for the effective and safe ozonization of aquariums.

Three models:

O3 PLUS 50 ------------------- 50mg/hr ozone output
O3 PLUS 100 ----------------- 100mg/hr ozone output
O3 PLUS 200 ----------------- 200mg/hr ozone output 

Max. ORP reading: 450mV
Voltage: DC12V
Certification: UL TUL CE
Dimension: 199mmX163mmX64mm
Ozone output: Adjustable between 10-100% of rated output
Inlet and outlet port dimeter : 6 millimetres

200ml air dryer included
ORP probe is not included ( please buy it separately)

Key Points of Using Ozone in Aquarium: 
The feed gas must be dry and free from impurities.
Use contact chamber, such as protein skimmer that its materials must be highly resistant or inert to ozone, to transfer ozone gas into water. Never inject ozone directly into the fish tank. The aquarium inhabitants should be protected from exposure to free ozone and /or oxidation products. The recommended method to remove any residual free ozone and any free oxidation products is by vigorous aeration followed by filtration through activated carbon.
The best method to monitor ozone input is by measuring the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) with probes or by a Redox meter/controller . Redox potential values of between 300 and 350 mV are recommended as the desirable level. Do not let the redox value of the aquarium water exceed 400 mV as harmful substances (commonly in the form of hypochloric and hypobromic acids) can be produced, which could damage sensitive organisms.
Ozonized air should be prevented from escaping into the room; it is advisable to install a carbon filter on your protein skimmer or ozone reactor where ozonized air escapes.


O3 PLUS 50 -190.- EUR

O3 PLUS 100 - 229.- EUR
O3 PLUS 200 - 259.- EUR


ORP probe for aquarium series 

To be used with our aquarium ozone generator O3 PLUS-50/100/200

Price: 79.- Eur





Accessories & Parts:

Model Name: Silicone Air Dryer
Volume: 200 ml
Dimension of Outlet: 6mm
Air Inlet: 6mm


1. Can be repeatedly used after heated in a microwave or an oven.
2. Air filters at inlets are included.
3. Dark blue silica beads turn to a pink color when filled with moisture.

This Air Dryer filled with extremely absorbent Silica Beads removes almost all moisture from the ambient air. 

Equipped with Filters at its air inlet and outlet, it dramatically reduces particles entering to your ozone generator and hence reduces the risk of the second pollution. Best of all, it will increase the efficiency of your ozone generator.

This Air Dryer is user-friendly. The silica beads turn from dark blue to a pink color when filled with moisture. 

The silica beads can be easily recharged by heating them in your oven or microwave. The filters can be easily cleaned by a brush or a vacuum.

Price: 29.- Eur


Diffuser stone set ( 2 included ) 

Price: 20.- Eur





Ozone Plate

For "O3 for home" models

Dimension: 56mmX15mmX1mm

Price: 25.- Eur/ 35.- Eur


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