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Tuesday, 13 April 2010 18:20


Now we can offer high quality industrial equipment for large business customers. Today in Estonia became possible to use new technologies for cleaning water and air in large residential and industrial buildings. With the use of reliable european equipment, provided by our partner, Ozone Tech Systems OTS AB, we have an ability to integrate ozone generators in the existing ventilation systems and heat exchangers, also our partners are ready to make you a project of a complete ventilation system. Where can you use industrial equipment?


  • Restaurants and bars
    Air that enters the exhaust ventilation is full of unpleasant odors and grease, but it has a very high temperature. If you just send this air outside you will loose heat, which was obtained from expensive electricity. You can't use it repeatedly neither: it has an unpleasant smell. With the use of an ozonator in the exhaust ventilation system you can save on electricity and get rid of unpleasant smells in the kitchen.
  • Office, residential, public buildings
    Cleaning the air in public buildings is a complex and costly task. We can offer a cheaper and simpler method, without using harmful chemicals, using natural processes of purification and disinfection of air. It is possible either to upgrad the existing ventilation system or to design an individual for new buildings.
  • Swimming pools and SPA-centers
    To clean the water in the pool you don't need to use dangerous chlorine no more! Ozone is a more effective cleaning method, it doesn't have any one of the disadvantages of chlorine. Our equipment can be successfully and effectively used with mechanical means of treatment for the complex method of water cleaning.
  • Drinking water
    Water-purification equipment can be used for sewage treatment plants, and ozone-treated water will be much more cleaner than the water that now comes from the tap. It is also possible to install equipment for private and apartment buildings, entire city areas and blocks.
  • Food and Agriculture
    It is also possible to apply existing equipment in agriculture, where the probability of distribution of viruses and bacteria is very high, as well as in the food industry, which require constant cleanliness and sterility.


These are just some of the most obvious applications of ozone for cleaning and disinfection. If you believe that ozone can help you and your production, please contact our specialists and get a full consultation on questions that interest you. In cooperation with our Swedish partners we will find a suitable solution just for you!